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Crisis at the workplace
by Papa Dragon

Dear Papa Dragon,

My current job is boring me. I know I must pursue other careers but I really don't know how? Maybe I should leave for another town. But I don't know how to leave my hometown of Artisans. Help me please!!!

- dazed and confused
Dear dazed and confused,

      First of all, I would like to say that you have nothing to worry about. It is quite natural to feel bored and unchallenged at work, especially if the job consists of repetitive tasks. A lot of dragons go through this during their primal years.

      You have the right idea of pursuing a career elsewhere. It's probably your time to start the migration to your destined homeland. But first, you must leave Artisans.

      The road out of Artisans is long and tiresome but I know you can do it. You will have to go through Town Square, then you will come up to Stone Hill. Past it and head towards Dark Hollow. Once you reach Dark Hollow, head for Toasty. After that, Sunny Flight will be your last stop before leaving Artisans.

      Of course Sunny Flight can only be entered if you solve a small puzzle. And remember to free some poor dragons during your journey, or the dragon gods will look down upon you and getting out of Artisans will be the least of your worries.

Papa Dragon

Doctor, Doctor give me a cure!
by Peacekeeper Dragon

Dear Peacekeeper Dragon,

I'm dating an older gentleman and I want to break off the relationship. The reason why I want to break off the relationship is because I know he's been dishonest with me. He says he's a doctor but I know that's totally a lie! He also says he lives in the rich area of Peace Keeper. And that's another lie. I can't take the lying anymore. I deserve better! What should I do?

- hurt and angry
Dear hurt and angry,

      If you know for sure that he's been lying to you, I would say get even the dirty way!

      The next time you see him, back up a little while he swings his club. After he's done swinging, he will turn around and walk away. Here's your chance to get even. Go behind him and flame him. I mean toast him like you never toasted anyone before.

      After hitting him that hard, he'll wish he never met you. But it's not over yet. He'll probably be a little smarter so it's time to start using more of your brain than your brawn. When he tries to hit you again, he'll do a little twirl. Nail him on the behind as he begins to make the next twirl. Finally, he'll swing low, jump and flame his butt again. After that, all your problems with him will just disappear like magic. Peace.

Peace and happiness,
Peacekeeper Dragon

Class Bully.
by Red Dragon

Dear Red Dragon,

I'm a junior at Gnasty's World High School. I've this problem concerning another classmate. Everyday after school, my bike has a flat. I know someone's popping my tire. I also know the person who's doing it. His name is Gnorc. But I don't know how to stop this. I need your advice.

- scared stiff
Dear scared stiff,

      What you must do is confront this Gnorc fellow. When you confront him, like most bullies, he'll be scared and run. Because bullies are not use to people confronting them.

      Let him run to the Gnasty platform. Once he's there, shoulder charge all the way there. If you don't shoulder charge, he'll take off before you get there.

      When you arrive at his resting disc, shoulder-charge straight into the disc and quickly firebreath him. He may get a hit in on you but don't worry about it.

      He will run once you hit him enough. Chase after him. Once you catch up to him, toast him once and he will fall. I guarantee it!

Hope this helps,
Red Dragon

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