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Spyro - Hero or Menace?

In this special edition of DNN Op/Ed, our readers offer their thoughts on Spyro. Is he the hero he is celebrated as, or does he harbor more sinisters goals?

Spyro a Savior
by Sal the Squirrel

I can only underscore Spyro's good intentions by comparing it to an example of the base nature of the Gnorcs that have invaded our lands. I was minding my own business the other day when these Gnorcs came up to me and started shoving me around. They then proceeded to shoot me out of a nearby cannon several times. Just when I was about done for, Spyro arrived and showed them his fiery brand of justice.

That dragon is a hero - more of a hero than I can say for some of you other dragons out there who just stand by while innocent citizens are victimized by this tyrant Gnasty and his Gnorc cronies!

Spyro is just a Pyro!
by Toasty the Sheep

I am writing this letter from home, where I am recovering from burns received during the recent Spyro fan show. I always knew there was something underhanded about Spyro the Dragon, but not until he seered me with his vindictive flames did that fact sink in.

I attended his alleged "show for the fans" to see for myself what kind of dragon he was, and I certainly paid the price for my curiosity! He was shooting flames at several targets he had set up when he suddenly turned towards me with a sneer and sent hot jets of unprovoked hostility right at me. That's the last thing I remember before being engulfed in seering pain. I blacked out and woke up all black, with painful burns all over. I'm still recovering, but don't worry; I have filed suit for medical and emotional trauma.

This dragon you call a hero is nothing but a deceiver and a brat. A reckless vigilante who has no concern (and in fact outright hostility as my story shows) for the citizens of the Dragon lands or their safety. The sooner he is exposed for the evil, twisted, attention-monger that he is, the sooner real heroes can take his place. Such as the respectable Sheep Defense Force I have spearheaded.

If you would like to join my Anti-Spyro Coalition, please send 10 dracos and a short essay about your personal Spyro horror story to 120 Bah Bah Ave., Sheeptown, the Artisan lands.

This is Our Home, Too!
by Gnozzo the Gnorc, 22nd Infantry, Gnasty's Forces

Spyro wants to turn all of us Gnorcs back into Dragon jewelry so you Dragons can have your precious, shiny gems again. But at what price, I ask? We were but simple gems before, but now we can live, breathe and cause havoc due to Gnasty's great magic. If you burn us, do we not singe? We are not your objects, we are Gnorcs! And we deserve to live in your lands!

I'm but a simple Gnorc, but I do know this: you Dragons have been oppressing the other creatures with your fire breathing and magic for too long. Gnorcs of the land, unite!

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