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Spyro the Dragon
There is a buzz on the Artisan streets, and three words are in the air: "Spyro the dragon." To satisfy the clamor for new information on this newfound hero, we bring you this special edition - Spyro-mania!

Exclusive interview with Sparx!

DNN has secured an unprecedented chit-chat with Spyro sidekick Sparx the dragonfly. Learn what it takes to hang with the Spy-ster!


Sparx the Dragonfly
Learn about the exciting and diverse worlds Spyro must save from the evil plans of the Gnorcs.

Discover the features of the amazing game Spyro the Dragon, spawned by the Spyro-mania that has taken over the Artisan populace.

Look for opinions and editorials from staff and fans soon on Spyro-mania.

In a few days we will have advice from some of the wise dragons on our staff to those adventurers wishing to follow Spyro in his quest.

Comic Mischief

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