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Artisans go crazy for Spyro!

Spyro-mania has become the phrase for the public fascination with Spyro, a spunky, young dragon who has taken on the task of ridding the Dragon Worlds of Gnorcs, restoring the dragon populace and reclaiming the dragon treasure.

Two days ago, Spyro was out with his dragonfly companion Sparx when Gnasty the evil Gnorc cast a spell upon all the dragons, turning them to crystal. Spyro was the only dragon left unaffected. Instead of running away, this pint-sized hero is showing true courage by single-handedly taking on Gnasty's army of Gnorcs.

"That Spyro really showed the Artisans a thing or two about courage," states local Artisan Biffo the dragon. "I'm always telling my wife, 'Size doesn't matter, honey!' Well, now this l'il fella has proven my point, and quite well I must say. Although frankly, I would have been happy if he left her in that crystal a little while longer. You could fit ten Gnorcs through that yappin' mouth of hers!"

Fontavia, Director at the Artisan Playhouse proclaims, "This Spyro is simply fabulous! What drama! What bravado! I am already writing a script, 'Spyro: Courage Under Fire.' It will be, how do you say...a sensation!"

"I think he's so dreamy!" says Donna Dragon. "It was love at first sight when that brave dragon unfroze me. Spyro gave me a quick wink and trotted off, but I know we made a connection!"

Truly, by all accounts Spryo the Dragon is universally loved. Given such moral support, Gnasty and his Gnorcs seem to be no match. We here at DNN would like to say, "Go get 'em, Spryo!"

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