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Gnasty the Gnorc

Early yesterday afternoon Gnasty, a Gnorc who was banished to the Dragon outerworld, cast a spell on the Dragon Worlds, crystalizing all the Dragons within. He then transformed all the Dragon gems he could find into willing Gnorc minions. He even began turning the Dragon Worlds into Gnorc Worlds!

Details are sketchy at this time, but it appears that one Dragon was absent during the spell casting. Young Spyro just happened to be playing hooky - again - and missed getting crystallized by Gnasty's spell.

DNN's crack investigative team spoke with psychologist and Gnorc specialist Dr. Fruda Dragon. "Gnasty resents the Dragon populace for their peaceful communities. More than anything, he detests their beautiful, shiny jewels, which are not only nice to look at, but are a constant reminder of his own flaws. This 'gem envy' as we in the psychology field call it, is rather common among Gnorcs, but is greatly advanced in Gnasty's case. I would love to get him in my chair and discuss his mother!"

According to Artisan records, Gnasty became such a problem that he was banished to the Dragon junkyard. This is not first on most Dragons' travel itineraries, but it suited Gnasty just fine. He renamed it Gnasty's World as soon as he got there. Gnasty began to fool around with magic spells. After a while, he hit on the two he wanted: a giant spell to trap all the Dragons in crystal, and a potion to animate those radiant gems and turn them into Gnorc soldiers. Yesterday saw the frightening culmination of his efforts.

Those pro-Dragon inhabitants left in the Dragon Worlds have pinned their hopes on lone Dragon Spryo for help. Now Spyro, the only unfrozen Dragon, must travel the six worlds - including Gnasty's industrial world - releasing all the Dragons and collecting their stolen treasure. In the meantime, Gnasty's minions are doing their best to stop him. Not that Spyro is completely alone . . . the Dragons he releases can give him hints, and all along the way he is accompanied by his best friend Sparx the Dragonfly.

DNN is devoting all its resources to bringing you the latest events in this crisis.

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