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Sparx the Dragonfly
Exclusive Interview!

We all know about Spyro, but did you know he has a partner in his adventures? DNN has landed an exclusive with Sparx the Dragonfly, Spyro's best friend and constant companion. Read on for all the dish!

DNN: Thank you for taking a couple minutes out of your busy day to talk with us, Sparx. I'll jump right in. How long have you and Spyro been friends?

Sparx: Oh, gosh! I used to crawl around on his egg when I was just a larvae. We would talk to each other through his shell - I would describe what it was like outside, and he would...well, he didn't have much to relate since it was dark in his shell, but I didn't really have any other friends. One day a bird was about to eat me, but Spyro saved me in the nick of time. That pretty much solidified our relationship - we've been best of friends ever since, and I would do anything for him.

DNN: That's a great story! It sounds like your relationship hasn't been affected by Spyro's newfound fame. Is this an accurate statement?

Sparx: I think so. I don't really have any aspirations for fame, so it doesn't bother me, and Spyro hasn't changed one bit. Although I do like what little fan mail I've gotten, especially from the ladies. Keep sending those pictures, girls!

DNN: Hah hah. What do you do when you're fighting Gnorcs with Spyro?

Sparx: I can take 3 hits, but then I'm outta there, and Spyro's on his own. He can see how I'm feeling by my color. If I'm yellow I have full health (3 hits), if I am blue, my health is medium (2 hits), and if I am green, my health is low (only 1 hit left!). If I'm low on health, or gone, Spyro just flames some small creatures that release butterflies and I'll be back by his side. I love butterfly snacks, and when I eat one I get one point of health until I'm back to full health. Mmmmm butterflies.

DNN: Okay, well I should let you get back - Spyro is looking a little impatient. Thank you and good luck, it's been a pleasure.

Sparx: Alright, thanks! I'm outta here!

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