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Spyro puts on show for fans

It was a hot time in the old Artisan world last night! Teen heartthrob Spyro the Dragon paid a visit to one of his old neighborhoods, and put on a show for the locals.

Fans of all ages enjoyed a flame-throwing spectacular complete with flight demonstrations and fire tricks. The show went well into the night with Spyro leading both Dragons and Gnorcs in songs around the waterfall.

Though the local dragons were having a great time, sheep from around the Artisan world staged a protest at the event. Toasty, the protest coordinator, claims to have been roasted by Spyro on a number of occasions, and led the group with chants of "Spyro’s a pyro!"

Spyro responded in kind with a blast of heat that sent the protestors running for cover. Toasty later filed a complaint with local police, but no arrests were made.

Though the event was marred by protesting sheep, fans of Spyro still had a great time. 12-year old Hydrax of the Magic Crafters put it best when she said, "Spyro is crescent fresh!"

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